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Welcome Royal Pacific Funding Corp Users!

Need a User Account?

If you do not yet have a username and password, please contact Make sure to include the following items and you will receive your username and password the same day!

  • Your Full Name
  • Company Name & Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address – in addition, if you have a second email address you would like added to your order account to receive status updates, please provide that email as well.
  • Name of your Account Representative or Sales Manager

Make sure to keep a look out in your spam filter as the automated system often lands these important emails there.

Have a User Account?

If you already have a username and password please click here to order your appraisal.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding an order in process, please contact: 

Soren Alsina| | 888-806-2947 | ext 140

If you have questions regarding an appraisal, please contact our Senior Review Appraiser:

Ann Clayborn | | 888-806-2947 | ext 420

Want to speed up your order?

Please upload the following documents when placing your orders:

  • If using the borrower’s credit card; please include a borrower-signed copy of your Intent to Proceed. We cannot assign the order to an appraiser without it. This step does not apply if the LO is paying for the appraisal.
  • Prelims, if available – differences between the appraiser’s info and the prelim can lead to conditions.
  • Purchase contract, if applicable – an appraiser cannot complete purchase appraisals without reviewing a fully executed and signed contract.
  • HOA Cert, if available – differences between appraiser’s info and Cert can lead to conditions.

Need something quicker?

Contact your AXIS Account Executive, Soren Alsinafor details on “Rush” availability.  In markets that support “Rush” requests, turn times may be reduced for a $100 fee premium.

*Remember – when placing orders – please make sure to let your client know that AXIS Appraisal Management will be charging their credit card once an inspection is scheduled. If you need an authorization for services form or have billing questions, please contact

Please use our complimentary FEE QUOTE for fee info and recent similar sales data.

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AXIS Highlights:

  • Our panel of appraisers is small and highly screened, requiring certification, a minimum of five years experience, and multiple references.
  • You are always guaranteed a LOCAL appraiser. We just won’t send in an out-of-the-area-appraiser – real estate markets are complex and require local understanding.
  • We pay our Affiliate Appraiser significantly more than industry standards compared to 50% at many other AMCs.
  • AXIS is staffed with industry professionals who are ready to assist you if you have questions related to any part of the appraisal process.
  • While we utilize the latest technology, it never replaces the human elements needed in our industry. Relationships are important and we nurture and value them.



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